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Vinburn Alberto Gómez Pomare

Bolo A representative character of the Rizal culture that has a lot of life experience and stories to share was born on June 5, 1965 in the island of San Andres. Growing up as a child he was very passionate about Christianity watching his mom, Avinell Almyra Pomare of Gomez as great choir member of whom he inherits such a great voice.
He had the desire to improve his voice for singing at the Sound Bay Baptist Church, and there he got trained. Currently, singing is his profession and the way of getting his daily sustenance.

On reaching his teenage, he began listening to his brother playing reggae music from renowned artists, such as: Bob Marley, Jimmy Clift, Petter Tosh, Burning Spear whom he had the good fortune to meet in person along with other artist with whom he shared stage during his career as a singer. There he met a good friend; an intellectual and professional artist who taught him to make sense of things "Combining with my feelings and the great reality of my life" says Albert, as he was known in the community and artistic means; and Job Saas one of the men that gave him the privilege to sing in a group, for what he says "thanks to you my dear friend Job Saas", an Intellectual friend that he would never forget and keep in his heart.

Bolo Intellectual friend that he would never forget and keep in a little part of his heart, he worked a determinate Time with Jamin of who owns the group solution, after this we work as the guitarist in the Roots and Culture directed by Job Saas. Singing and working hard as a group they got the privilege and opportunity to travel to Bogota where they pass a good Time, and also traveled around cities and places of Colombia. After this Albert and the Root and Culture separate, then he got the opportunity to go and work in Italy – Rome, where they performed the music and learned the language, customs and culture of the Italians, along with: brother Zaal, African & Raul Corpus, where

Bolo They had a good start, living there for a long while making music and becoming triumphant, then the jealousy appear because of some Italians guys who didn't like the progress that was having and they stole the instruments of the band. The group gets stock but not stick, they rent some instruments to continue they projects however it was not the same, so they returned back to the island of San Andres. "Experience was good, time and things are subject to change but home is home and was a time where my daughters needed me. AND I MAN COME BACK HOME." says brother albert.

Starting a New Chapter in His Life

With the changes of time and in need of a work Vinburn A. Gomez Pomare, sign different contracts with the Decameron Hotels Company making concerts for a specific show that the Decameron hotel provide for the tourist that visit the island of San Andres, of which Albert is very known all over the world as a national and international artist of reggae.

Bolo Bolo Owning a Leadership

as Albert enjoy the music with such passion, he started to play music with Mr. Jaime Celis, who had a group by the name of the Holly Five, been it was only five integrant then Mr. Jaime Celis leave the group and Mr. Vinburn A. Gómez Pomare past to be the director of the group. He always say that "God our heavenly father had sent him to this world with a mission to talk the truth" and for him this was the hour of the truth, owning the leadership of the Holly Five, being a leader in his community and artistic career he had be a leader of many other groups, that create in him a new vision of life so that Albert can say "when I'm on the stage reggae take control of me and It's like my weapon to fight in a peaceful way without hurting anyone, 'cause my bullets are my words and my weapons are the melodious instruments played by my army what is behind me, I can say what a great difference is not fire weapons. And people guest what? It's not common to see the weapons in front of the man but in my case I'm in front of the weapons (ha/ha/ha/ha/ha/ha/)" Albert is so happy in his own world communicating to others the mission he was taught by God.

Justo "Job Saas" Barrios, Ricardo Newball, Felipe & Vinburn Gómez. (Holly Five).

Changes along the Leadership

Of many fusions and changes along the way, the group what was first name the Holly five, took in two new members in a determined season, for these changes they started to think on a next name that would identify them properly, and for this reason they agreed to name it the Holly Conquerors as the time passes by, some of the integrant leave the group because of personal motives, so they gone and changed the name of the group to Royal Roots, they worked like this at least three years, challenging themselves to write their own songs according to what reggae mean for them and at the same time songs and rhythms with similarity to Royal Roots. As they start to improve in the world of fame they acknowledge that they had to register the name of the band and also they're songs, going true that process they found out that they were many other bands register with the same name as them, so they've changed the name to something similar in structure of Royal Roots to the named of Royal Rudes.

Royal Rudes Searching for the Coupe

Many are called but few are chosen, the Royal Rudes is practicing constantly, and this is the reason why this band keep improving and achieving goals for the future. The Royal Rudes was called to participate in the Latin Rototom Fest to compete in the San Andres Island along with other groups and they won and gone to Buenos Aires, Argentina to make a second competition with unknown groups, this very awesome because they knew other artist, giving thanks to the most high because they won once in Argentina.
So incredible "When we receive the cup as winners of the Latin Rototom Fest 2013 a big joy came into our hearts." Says the integrant of Royal Rudes . Other wise of the cup they also received an invitation to make a presentation on the biggest stage of Rototom Sun Splash Festival 2013 – 20th Love Edition, what took place in Madrid – Spain (Europe).
this wouldn't be possible without the collaboration of Mr. Ricardo Newball, Felix Mitchell, Alexis Newball, John "el chavo" de la Oz, Carlos Rodriguez and Jonathan Davis Mitchell to make of what today is well known national and international as the Royal Rudes (RR).

What Royal Rudes mean for me?
Albert answer:
Royal Rudes for me is an instrument that helped me after a long time to continue on my mission to take out my peaceful massage, so that the one that have ears would ear, after working hard it become a great result. Royal Rudes is the key that open secret doors once more in the musical world, and for this I give God thanks and praise, asking of him to guide me and my group along the new challenges that may come up. And hope that He will continue use us according to His will.

Absolutely Gratitude
From: Vinburn Alberto Gomez Pomare.
To: all those that contribute in some part of his life.

Something else that I would say is that life of which is great experience had teaches me good things, so that I can go true my daily living and those are: To be humble and to forgive others, but I never forget the things that happen to me because those things are the one that make me stronger and allow me to support this crazy world as Lucky Dubby would say, and for you all who had the privilege to read My Biography thanks and no matter how hard is the battle never forget to be yourself.

Good Night.

Truly yours
Albert Gomez.

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